Friday, June 5, 2009

The Chaser= Bad Taste Comedy

I was as shocked, disgusted & appalled at The Chaser's recent comedy skit (and I use the term comedy VERY loosely)
When I first seen it I had tears in my eyes and I felt sick to my stomach.

Funny it was NOT!

It makes me sad just thinking about it. Their apology even worse, please could you at least remove the smirk from your face?

Maddison was in ICU Neonatal Unit for the 1st 6 weeks of her life and for someone to make a mockery of that is just disgusting.

I challenge you to go in and spend your EVERY waking second in there for 6 weeks and tell me the parents and the kids aren't deserving.

You know, you come across angry & rude people everyday for the most trivial reasons. But the people inside any Children's Hospital are the most positive, genuine & happy people you will ever meet. If anyone has a reason to have a chip on their shoulder it is these people. But they don't!

When I would walk to Maddison's room I walk past kids with cancer, kids with head braces, children being wheeled into surgery ALL day long.
I get to ICU and they are doing CPR on a baby and I can't see which cot they are around and I pray to god it's not Maddison and I'm so scared and grateful that it's not her, but it is someone's baby. Then I feel guilty for being relieved that it's not Maddison,another Mother isn't so lucky. I seen babies die everyday and you see their families crying and completely in despair. Tell me they are NOT DESERVING!

Instead of being at home, being sleep deprived and being swamped with visitors. I am able to 'pat' my girl and on a good day I can hold her for maybe 5 minutes. I am learning how to put a nasogastric tube up my baby nose down into her stomach just so she can eat. Watching her in so much pain and she is hysterical but I can't pick her up.
Where everyday it's a count down to try and wean her off oxygen, morphine then eventually Panadol. Then drug free, that's a great day. Now it's getting her to feed on her own.

But I got to take my daughter home. I'm one of the lucky ones and I feel so lucky so grateful that I can. Having seen so many that haven't been so lucky.

SO please Chaser Boys I challenge you to face every parent that has empty arms and heavy hearts that their baby isn't deserving!


Groove said...

So true on so many levels. They say the skit was black comedy, but that is still not acceptable, any parent would know that there children are sacrosanct especially a sick child. Its the most un-australian I have ever witnessed.

Jenny said...

I hear what you are saying. My parents nearly lost me on many occasions to SIDS, I had chronic fatiigue, lots fo health problems and I have a disability. I have also worked in peadiatrics as a psychologist. But both my mum and I found the skit funny. We are both very empathetic people with a great capacity to love, and kids are a big love of ours. Personally, my finding the skit funny in no way reflects my true opinions on the topic of sick kids or make a wish. Sometimes I think that for us, our black humour is a way of surviving when we can at times, suffer ourselves from caring so much.

Jenny said...

ps - that doesnt mean that we support such a skit being presented on TV when it is likely to upset so many people so deeply. I'm just offering the perspective on someone that found it funny.

Anonymous said...

I had to pause a few moment so I could see the screen again through my eyes that were filled with tears. I can NOT even imagine the grief you and the families of sick children suffer. The pain of watching someone you love more than life itself would be too much to bear. But strong Mothers and fathers manage to be strong for their precious children, so I take my hate of to you and them. I can not believe that these people thought that it was funny and the smirk is even worse for me. Good true words. keep up the great blogs! And a HUGE hug for your beautiful Maddie from us x

pammy said...

I completely agree. The thought of what the Chaser did, OH!! Im lost for words. I lost Twins 2 years ago during the pregnancy, It was pain that still is & will be with with me forever. The Mothers & Fathers that bring beautiful precious children into the world, then learn that they are sick. Just the thought makes me emotional. You deserve more than a medal, the amazing amount of courage & strength that you would need, I have no doubt is unimaginable. As for you Chaser maybe one day you will be on the other side of the coin and see how it feels. Then Im sure you would find your amusement sickning. But im sure no one would wish that amount of pain on anyone. You guys should be so ashamed of your actions. Hopefully one day you will have some regrets & feel some emotions. I never thought anyone could be so thoughtless & heartless.. To the parents & children that are struggling will illnesses, all my love goes out to you all.

Bra Queen said...

I WAS in tears!

I was one of many mums who was not lucky enough to bring my babies home. they struggled even with the best medical intervention and passed away. I still cannot drive past that hospital car park where I was in tears... so angry... heartbroken. I struggled, as I didnt want to leave my girls there... in the morgue.... but knew I couldnt stay...

on my blog I wrote about mums this past mothers day who have lost children. its not funny

Chasers... I am sure if you had of stepped just one week in my shoes you would certainly see it was not funny!

I struggled with the apology and THAT SMIRK.
am sure if you watched 2 of my daughters pass away... if you saw the pain and anguish of my 3rd daughter... so sick and spending so long in hospital... the pain I had at thinking I was also going to loose her too.... you, your producers, management... would have thought twice.
it is not funny
it is not appropiate

elizabeth xx

Anonymous said...

Off the air for two weeks - good work Australian public!

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