Thursday, June 4, 2009

D.I.Y Manicure's & Pedicure's

OK that's start with your Hands

You need a file & cuticle stick

1. File your nails, the most common is square and just round off the edges. Make sure your nails are all the same length.

2. Put some olive oil on your cuticles then push them back with your cuticle stick.

3. I usually finish with just clear coat just because color lasts 2 seconds and I don't have time to repaint and chipped nail polish isn't a good look!

Moisturize your hands as often as you think about it. Aveda have a travel size hand cream that I keep in my bag, I love it.

Manicure- You'll want to file your nails once a week. I usually only do my cuticles once every 2 weeks.

Now your Feet!

To save you time & money!

You will need a foot file, nail file, Block Buffer & cuticle stick

1. File your toe nails & use your block buffer over your whole nail until smooth (it smooths out the surface & removes those ridges you get in toe nails)
2. Put olive Oil on your cuticles
3. File your heels until they are nice and smooth.
4. Go back to your cuticles and push them back.
5. Exfoliate your feet (I just use my body scrub)
6. Paint, I put color on my toes it lasts!
Tip: Use a base coat, 2 coats of your color and a top coat. Try to use only about 2 to 3 strokes when you paint each nail. It will look much more professional!

Pedicure's- You will only need to do this about once a month! However I file my feet once a week and put moisturizer on them every day.

DO NOT- Ever cut your cuticles. They grow back faster and harder.If they are dry put oil on them everyday and push them back whenever you think about it.

DO NOT- Use a razor on the dry skin on your heels. I know beauty therapists do this ALL the time. It's because it's quicker and easier (would you want to file forever on someone else's crusty heels?)
The skin grows back just disgusting. Drier, thicker and it's wrong!

I have used the Ped Egg in my honest opinion for $60 it's no easier or better then the $8 foot file.

It is so easy to do your own Manicures and Pedicures. Once you're in the rhythm it will take no time at all, 20 minutes you'll have happy hands and feet!

Let me know how you go!

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