Monday, June 29, 2009

Fitness For Mum's

So you've just had baby and you're DYING to feel a little bit human but there is NO TIME to workout!

How or where in world do you fit it in?

I had my routine down pat in Summer & Autumn. 9am when it's Milly's sleep time I'd load up the pram and go for a 5km walk. Home by 10am if Maddie was a good girl on the walk we'd drop by the park. Then home by half 10 to shower get ready and feed Milly her 11am bottle! Easy.
But Winter arrives and the colds kick in and any other infection that decides to come visit. At 9am it's 4ْ outside it's ridiculously cold and I'm just will not risking my kids getting sick, AGAIN! So where do I fit it in. Mmmmm

This is my new winter routine.

* Walk in the afternoons after Milly's 3pm bottle. I burn around 450 Calories

* I start Pole Dancing next week. I know don't laugh I'll let you know how I go, it will be a good laugh. I need to laugh! I should burn about 550 Calories

* You know that in between time where there is no time to anywhere and do something. But there is still time before the kids lunch and sleeps. I don't like Maddison watching too much T.V. So I've started to turn the T.V off and crank the music up and dance!
Yes I jump around like a mad woman and show Maddie my moves and as we tear up the lounge room. The kids love it and I do too and you build up a sweat. I burn around 190 Calories.

* Then somewhere in my day I will do sit ups, push ups, squats blah blah blah that will take around 10 to 15 mins. About 90 calories.

If the gym works better for you then do that. I just find that with the girls at home and at night, well I can't be bothered. So this way I can fit it in during that day I'm not doing it when both of the girls are asleep as I need that time to work on Alluring, so for me it works great.

I get 90% of my ideas when I'm walking or dancing. I feel so much better for it mentally and physically and I'm setting a good example for my girls and do you know what? I feel FREE when I'm dancing around my lounge room. My head is a zillion times clearer now then what it has been in a long time. WHY? because I am living in the moment and enjoying the time I spend walking, dancing, being with my girls, with Chris, working on Alluring and my blog. Because I am making a special effort that when I am doing whatever I'm only thinking about that thing. I am not thinking about anything else so when I do it, I do it well.

Do you have any tips?

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