Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bra Queen Interviews Hamperific

I would like to start by saying that I love the uniqueness of Kirsty's business. Being in a small town can be a nightmare to do shopping, this way you can tailor a present to suit anyone! There will be one of her fabulous hampers up for grabs during the Love Your Life Challenge.

1. Tell us about you & your business.
My name is Kirsty and I am a married to Steve and Mum to Stefan, one very energetic 9 year old boy! I love to play soccer with my women’s team and watch our son play in his junior team. We moved to Mackay from Darwin 3 years ago when we decided that we needed a change from hot weather and humidity.
I am the owner/operator of Hamperific, a Mackay-based gift business. I custom make hampers, gift baskets and gift boxes for all occasions. My signature Chocolate Bouquet is the most popular and is very hard to resist, so I am told!

2. Why did you decide to start your business?
After moving to Mackay I was very unhappy with my new job and so took up labouring for Steve who is a tiler. When I wasn’t working with him I was planning my new business, Hamperific which I created nearly 1 year ago.
I genuinely love to see people smile when they receive one of my gifts or bouquets. It really makes their day – and mine!

3. What are some of the exciting things that are happening in your business?
My business is growing! I am moving in about 100 different directions and can see a stack of new opportunities for Hamperific. I now have to work out a strategy to make the most of the opportunities, or clone myself!
I am also trying to organise my Christmas (did I just swear) line for corporate clients, which I am hoping will be unique for 2009.

4. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

Keeping motivated can be hard. Sometimes it is hard to see past the email in box and to the rest of the business, but I have found some great blogs that I follow that offer some practical advice about getting things done!
I also take a break. More often than not I find if I take some time away it re-energises me to get back and get even the most tedious jobs done.

5. What do you think is the secret to happiness?
Enjoying the life we were given and make the most of all experiences. I don’t believe in regrets, but that people make decisions at the time based on the information they had. We would all love a crystal ball to see how things are going to end up, but if we didn’t make decisions we would never get anywhere!

6. You know when life gets “challenging” what have you done in the past to pick yourself back up again?
Read. I love to read and find out how things work... Identifying the things that aren’t working means that I can research how to improve them. Even though I may not be able to solve the issues right there and then (say due to financial costs) then at least I have the information for when I can afford it.

7. What do you think are the most important attributes a person should have?
Respect for themselves and for others. People need to have the ability to look at the impact they have on others and try to make it a positive one.

8. What is your favorite quote?
There are so many that I love, to chose one is HARD, but the one that I think is very important for business is: “The toes you step on today may be attached to the legs that support the butt you’ll have to kiss tomorrow!” So it is always worthwhile not burning one’s bridges!

If you would like to check Kirsty's store it's www.hamperific.com.au

Thanks Kirsty xx

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