Monday, August 24, 2009

How To Fit a Maternity Bra

When do you need to start wearing a Maternity Bra? By the time you're 14 weeks pregnant it is recommended you stop wearing under wire bras. You can either wear non under wire bra or get fitted for a maternity bra.

A Professional Fitter will be able to fit you in a way that your breasts can continue to grow and you will not need to continue to buy different sizes.

How it should fit-
* As a guide go up a cup size AND a band size
* All Maternity Bras have 6 rows of hooks. In the beginning it should fit on the middle hook. (That way your bra can expand with you & it has room to tighten once you have the baby and you lose weight)
* You should be able to fit your hand comfortably in the cup, that will ensure you will have room when your milk comes in.
* Straps you should be able to fit a finger under there. When your milk comes in you may need to loosen off your straps a little.

HOT TIP- A good Maternity Bra still needs to give you support and lift. It should also be comfortable. Some shapes will suit you better then others so I recommend you try on a few different ones.

Which Maternity Bras do I like?-
Hot Milk- They have pretty Maternity Bras that are still comfy and supportive, average price around $89.95

If your Maternity Bra Size is a G Cup Size+ I recommend Triumph's Flourish Maternity Bra it is really ugly and quite big BUT it is the only one that will give you the lift and support you need and when your girls are that big YOU NEED IT! RRP $69.95.

B to E Cups- I really like Elle McPherson's Range. The largest variety is available at MYER and several small business's the average price is $69.95.

For more information on Bra Size read How To Measure Your Bra Size

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