Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It’s ALL About the Shape!

How many times have you said “I don’t get it? It’s my size how can it not fit?


“It’s my size but it’s tight across the back?”

It’s NOT the wrong size it’s the wrong shape! You can wear a bra that is the perfect size but if the shape isn't right it's going to be really uncomfortable for you.

Let me break it down for you!

ALL bras anywhere are 3 basic shapes.

It’s the materials, colors and quality that vary.

Plunge Bra are the triangle shaped ones. These are good if you are full up the top in other words: your breasts haven’t gone south.

A common error in these bras is that they create space in the top.

THIS IS NOT GOOD! It will create bounce and where bounce there is is NO support.

In saying that though they are still a very handy bra to have for those tops with a plunging neckline.

Example Of a Plunge

Balcony Bras are great for smaller cups A to D it will give you lift and shape and make them look fuller. It’s also great for the women who have lower set breasts its way more flattering to your body.

Also if you have wider set breast so if you've said "This bra is my size but it's tight across the back" this bra is awesome!

Example of a Balcony

Balconette Bras-It's the in between it’s kind of like your sweetheart neckline. It’s more then a balcony but less then a plunge. These are great for bigger busts whether your full or even if they have gone south. They give great shape, lift and will give you the support you need so you won’t want to rip them at the end of the day. I love this cut it suits the majority of women!

Example of a Balconette

Look for a shape that brings them forward, you don’t want them under your armpits!

1. It is uncomfortable

2. It will make you look bigger then you are.

Do you need to find you Bra Size?

You may need to see my Bra Dictionary.

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Anonymous said...

I'd also like to add:
4) Full cup
-strap tends to come up from the center (thus good for women with small/sloping shoulders)
-high, full coverage, if done well, excellent support
-can sometimes give a bit of an "easty-westy" shape, so look for something with angled center seams or a side panel to push your breasts front and center

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