Thursday, September 10, 2009

One River Two Currents, One Event Two Stories

I love going home, it grounds me and it makes me feel complete.
Every time I go home I go down to the river and sit on the same log I sat on when I was a teenager. Recently I went home and went down to the river and the water was so low that there is an island in the middle. The strange thing is that the currents were so strong then when it separates one side is strong and the other is slow. I thought how weird that is; only metre’s before they were going the same direction and they were going the same speed. Now they are going in different directions and different speeds.
Amazing to watch!

Its funny how 2 people can be side by side going in the same direction and then something happens and you both go your separate ways. Traveling in different directions and at different speeds, no one is wrong or right just different.

2 lives, 2 directions, 2 life experiences and what a shame if you let it get to point where you talk and you and talk a different language.

You can not judge until you have lived in their shoes!

You think you know but you don’t, instead of blaming the other person. I urge you to look at yourself ask yourself this-
•How do you come across?
•Are you putting up your defense mechanism?
•Is it really you, are you really trying to find common ground?
•Do you want too?
•Do you make it hard for people to get to know you, do you hold back?
•DO you think you know more or are better then anyone else?

There are ALWAYS 2 sides to every story, whether you what to believe it or not. I believe that most people are just trying to do the right thing or mean too.

How do you come across?
•Remember it not what you say it’s how you say it?
•Are you passive/ aggressive?
•Are you controlling or do you have trust issues?

You can change yourself, you can’t change others. It’s harder to look within but it’s easier in the long run.

What are you going to do?


Anonymous said...

What a great analogy!
That our 'rivers' do constantly split but that definitely doesn't mean that the way your stream goes is the correct one.
Very enlightening thanks ;-)

Bra Queen said...

HI and Thank you! I am so glad you like it

Renee xx

Skye Leoni said...

Love your thought process here Renee... It is a good reminder for everyone to take a little look at themselves - not necessarily a "good hard look", just a check, so to speak. Check that they have perspective. I wish everyone in the world gets to read your post.

Bra Queen said...

Thank you Skye! That is a wonderful compliment.


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