Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 16- Love Your Life Challenge, Forgiveness

Music brings people together. It's the only time we are all united.
We hear the same words, dance to the same beat and hear the same music.

Maybe that's why everyone loves it. Is it the freedom or is it the unison or is it that music has the ability to take us back to places with in an instant. It allows us to dream, reminisce and just be.

I totally get why you can heal people through music.

Because behind every person there is really just a child. A creation of what we were exposed to growing up. If you think about your pet peeves or what makes you happy I guarantee you whether you know it or not it relates back to when you were a child.

Sometimes it makes you sad and sometimes it makes you happy and that’s life. It's how we choose to process it and hopefully use it to our advantage.

You know when you see someone your entire life and for that whole time you think they are perfect, they can do no wrong because in your eyes they are perfect.

Then when you get older and wiser and time passes and 'things' happen you realize they aren't perfect and they do make mistakes.
For some stupid reason you feel disappointed in them and you think they have changed.
Then you realize maybe they haven't changed, that you are the one that has changed and grown.
For the first time you are viewing things for how they really are! It's up to you to forgive them within yourself.
They really haven't done anything wrong or different it's who they have always been. We just didn't see it before because we chose not too.

As much as it may have hurt you, that's OK. We live and learn and we move on. It is really only a problem if you don't work through and understand it.
Time is precious. Days go by, then weeks, then years. Until it's gone and as somber as that sounds, it's true. So you may think that you have more important things to do today or tomorrow but that's cop out.
Some people don't get that chance, so for the people that do get that chance it's important we do live, laugh and enjoy life and forgive.


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This is the final week, so lets bring home!


Chantal Fleming said...

This is such a powerful message, and one that can be such a challenge.

Growing older is such a fascinating thing simple because of the amount you can potentially learn/realise/discovery on a daily basis. But it's also such a journey for your soul and a lesson in loving, forgiving, understanding and developing your sense of empathy.

I've slowly learnt to embrace those things that have caused me pain over the years and to understand why they did, and the repercussions they've had on my adult life. It's about realising those feelings so they no longer control your life and they should dictate your life.

It's also about forgiving yourself at times and then loving yourself. What a journey life is! Fascinating stuff.

moonchild said...

I agree Chantal. It's also about realising that you had to go through everything you did to get to where you are today. If one tiny thing about my past had changed, like some past agony removed, I wouldn't be in the here and now in the happiest time of my life, appreciating every wonderful minute!
And music can hold the key to countless memories that are attached to our inner child: I smile as I hear old songs and remember dancing all around my best friend's loungeroom and feel connected to the child in pigtails I still am!

Bra Queen said...

Well said Chantal!
Moonchild- These things do shape us and they do happen for a reason. I would change a single thing even if a could.
I still love dancing around with my girls it cracks me up! And I love that they will remember those times just like I do.

Anonymous said...

True words they dont know what they have done wrong as they haven't changed the whole time. Just one day you can't take it anymore be it whatever you chose not to see.
Three people i have chosen to pull away from slowly as I just had enough, no drama at all. Just enough of the selfishness. You can only give so much! I can tell you with 100% confidence they have NO idea why. One even called me years ago to question me. I had a series of wearing scenarios. Sounded weak and really average. But basically I chose to see them for who they really were.
I was angry for years over the build up of thing adn then the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. But as you do get older you realise that they are who they are and you are who you are.
So no dramas just we had some good times!
A hard one forgiveness but a possible one. I think time is healer too.

Bra Queen said...

Totally agree time does heal!

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