Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 5- Love Your Life Challenge

The easiest and quickest way you can feel good and is an instant confidence booster is to wear nice lingerie.

I always encourage women to wear nice lingerie everyday (even if you're doing housework or wearing trackie's I don't care!) It’s such a simple thing you can do that makes a huge difference to how you feel.
Life is too short and you don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring so DO NOT save it for special occasions! Why not feel that way everyday.

The trick is to buy bras that are sexy AND supportive. Remember sexy can be as simple or as adventurous as you feel comfortable with. As long as you have matching bottoms that's all that really matters.

So you guessed it today it is your mission to pull out that sexy set or if you don’t have one you have to buy one. Don’t know what to look for? Here I’ll give you some hints….

Pregnant or Feeding? You can still buy nice nursing bras. I highly recommend HOT MILK. They have pretty nursing bras so you still get to feel good. YAY!

Do you have small boobs and like to look bigger? BNT make sexy water and cream bras.

Big Boobs and you’re thinking “I can’t find a bra to fit let alone a nice one” Check out my Bra Reviews D to G Cups and see what bras I recommend that are super sexy and super supportive.

Like comfort and support, no padding and no frou frou. Go for plan and sleek.

Not sure what shape suits you ask me or you may want to read this.

Chop chop! You have bras to hunt down….. Try it and tell me you don’t feel any better, you will I promise x

This weeks WINNERS will be in tomorrows post.
Well done to everyone as well, your feedback has been amazing as has your progress!


K.Line said...

I couldn't agree more! It's got to be nice and it's got to be matching!! Excellent advice.

MadCow said...

Hear, hear!

I'm not getting any today, but have plans for a big bra shop in a few weeks :)

I do, however, on certain occasions (like live interviews on national TV - eek) wear my Little Miss Naughty undies ... LOL Helps me keep focussed.

Bra Queen said...

Thank you ladies! After I finish my gardnening today I too shall put on a set!
Mad Cow do you have an interview coming up??
Isn't funny how wearing a set makes a difference to how we carry ourselves and no one else knows but we do and that's all that matters!
Alot of women wear sets to job interviews.
Good work guys!

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree with this. I wear very simple no underwire, very comfortable lingerie -- but the bra matches my panties and that makes all the difference! I don't know what this is...people don't even see it. In fact, I'm more concerned with what lingerie I have on then what clothes I have on, lol. I wonder if it's because the lingerie is for me???

Bellarine said...

I am truly dreading this challenge. I am a 18G, I have no matching sets and am yet to find a really nice one and yep I have read your reviews and I think I own about 3 of the bra's that you said should not even be stocked! I do have pretty knickers though so does that count if I take my grandma ones off and put them on?

Bra Queen said...

Exactly! it doesn't matter that it's simple or has no underwire it still makes us feel better!
Yes, maybe it is because it's just for you and it's your little secret ;-)
Bellerine it is really hard to find nice comfortable bras in an 18G, alot of women I have fitted in your size Paris & Paige are a big hit from Miss Mandalay. I am also in the process of trialling a new new collection that sounds divine I am looking forward to trying it, so watch this space!
Put your pretty knickers that totally counts! HA,

graciebell said...

I know this is an area of my life that has been seriously lacking since I have had my children (it has been boring, comfortable, & generally not matching!), & now that I am about to finish breastfeeding I am inspired to re-visit my sexy lingerie - & my hubby will be very happy too :-)

Chantal Fleming said...

While I know this makes a difference, for me, they just make me feel more uncomfortable :( I have a few matching sets, but I find the underwire digs in my sides and I don't like the feel of lace.

So, my challenge this weekend (my girl's shopping trip) is to find some lovely satin numbers so I can't give myself this excuse anymore. My Mum's question will eternally ring in my ears "Have you got clean knickers on? What happens if you get hit by a bus?!" Amazing that she worried more about my underwear than the potential injuries caused by the accident. Besides they'd just cut them off me anyway!!

Jodi said...

OOOH YIPPEEE, I completed this challenge before it was set for me :-)
2 weeks ago I went into a lingerie shop, which I never do, and was fitted for and purchased 2 lovely new bras. More that I ever pay for bras & I didn't blink.
I'm just really not into matching knickers, don't know why but I'm not a fan. But the new bra's are delightful. I'm an F cup, so good support & being pretty as well is a lovely luxury.

Bra Queen said...

Graciebell, I know actually what you mean, as much as I love my baby I loved the feeling of feeling like me again or somewhat myself! Me with added jiggley bits. Ha,
Chantal, You are buying the wrong shape go for wider set bras the cups are too close together. If you don't like lace I agree go for satin however quality lace won't annoy you or shouldn't.
Really Jodi? I love matching knickers but whatever you're comfortable with! new bras are the best xx

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