Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 6- Love Your Life Challenge, Eating!

Make the decision to eat healthier. What is your weak spot? It may be a food you eat OR it may be organizing what you eat OR your portion size.

Here is your task-
Plan your meals, for 3 reasons
•You will save time and energy trying to think of what you are cooking.
•You will save money because you are eliminating those drop in/last minute grocery shops.
•You will eat healthier so then you will feel better.

Here are some tips for you-

•Focus in your main meal, presumably dinner.
•Decide what you would like to eat in a week fish, chicken, red meat etc
•Think about how you cook it opt for grilling opposed to frying
•Try to limit “packet foods” use fresh herbs instead.
•So it may be something like this-
Monday- Fish
Tuesday- Chicken
Wednesday- Steak
Thursday- Fish
Friday- Chicken

Then with it you just have to choose what you want with it like salad, veggies, cous cous, rice whatever….

Give yourself a “free day” to eat whatever you want too.

I find the best and quickest lunches are salad or soup. I try to think of things other then sandwiches, soup is my fav I make a big batch for the week.

HOT TIP- I am shocking for portion, I tend to eat very little during the day and eat a big meal for dinner. What I have done to stop this is have scheduled snacks in between like yogurt, corn thins with cottage cheese on them, fruit, nuts and have a smaller meal at night. Healthy snacks NOT CRAP! Maybe you can bake healthy muffins?

HOTTEST TIP- If you snack after dinner try brushing your teeth after dinner it will stop that urge from eating!

You may want to read Eating Healthy Is Easy or Urban Smiler has some good tips as well!

Do you have any tips?

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Chantal Fleming said...

Wow. Yet again this topic is so very relevant to me. Only this week did I come to terms with my eating habits, and have been really honest with myself. I have been eating out of habit and boredom and couldn't remember the last time I really felt hungry - I hadn't allowed myself to feel hunger IYKWIM. So know I feel more in charge, similar to the lead up to giving up smoking, and I feel more confident that I will tackle the negatives.

I'll echo the "hottest tip" advice, brushing your teeth really does help.

K.Line said...

Another terrific post! I LOVE cooking but it's still challenging to find the time to get food on the table after a day of work and picking up the kid at daycare and schlepping home. That's when you need the pre-planning. But I gotta say, I've tried that tooth-brushing thing numerous times and it does NADA! I still eat everything I want :-)

Bra Queen said...

Thank you ladies!
I find Chantal if I keep myself busy I don't think about food OR try drinking a glass of water instead.

K.Line, I agree I don't want to think about cooking last minute that's why I always plan ahead, then when you have more time you can you can cook up a storm!
Funny you say that about night snacking, we have to find something that we can snack on at night that is healthy but kills the craving!

Laura Jean Richter said...

Great tips! I've lost 35 lbs over the last few months doing a lot of what you mentioned in this awesome post. Planning ahead has been a real key for me.

I tend to have a larger meal at lunch and opt for something light for dinner -- usually opting for soup.

I make large batches then portion out into smaller containers and freeze for quick use when I'm too tired to cook.

Added bonus, I know exactly what went into the food I eat. Extra added bonus, I save $$.

graciebell said...

I got over my chocolate cravings by switching to dark chocolate around 70% cocoa) instead of milk chocolate. You only need 1 or 2 squares instead of half a block, & I have learnt to appreciate the real cocoa flavour rather than the sugar-hit. The experts say dark chocolate (in moderation of course) is actually good for us with antioxidants too!! :-)

Since I became pregnant with my first child I found that I am so much more conscious of what I put into my body now. A good breakfast always starts me off on the right foot for the day. I have a small bowl of a good low-fat muesli (no more than half a cup) with half a banana & a vitamin-packed low fat yoghurt. This is now the meal I look forward to the most - I love it.

By eating foods with a low GI (ie. brown rice, wholegrain breads etc.), it keeps me feeling satisfied for longer, & then I am not tempted to resort to junk food. If I am still hungry after dinner & feeling lazy I will have a small bowl of tinned fruit (in natural juice) with some yoghurt & that satisfies my sweet tooth. In summer I am more inclined to make up a big batch of fruit salad & keep it in the fridge.

Bra Queen said...

Well done Laura! That is fantastic.
I often think about years ago when it was the norm to eat your main meal at lunch time, they so had it right didn't they! But sadly most people don't have the time to do that do they.

Norlin Mustapha said...

Great post! Ever since my trip back from Singapore, I've re-visited my diet and changed my eating habits. So far I have reduced the portions of carbo intake and increased my veggies and protein, but more veggies. I have also changed what I eat during the day. So instead of snacking on junk food, I now snack on fruits, and eat a good healthy salad for lunch to keep me from snacking. I have learned not to eat until I feel really full because, we all know it takes time for food to digest. So far, it has gone really well and I can feel the difference. Now, I just have to incorporate some exercise into my "healthy living" regime! :)

Anonymous said...

Good post a timely topic for me at the moment reshuffling food issues in my house too. Must be the theme in a few - GREAT POST! Good tips. Really looking forward to finding out why we are writing down why people annoy, upsat and make us angry. Some great tips thanks for that. The key is to remember food is fuel for our body and we need the good stuff, not just a quick fill! Good food for thought x

moonchild said...

Good topic! Reminded me I was inspired many years ago by a piece I read in 'Getting Clear' - body work for women, about only eating food that hums to you. In other words getting in touch with what your body is telling you and following your senses to maintain health, weight and vitality. It works! There are lots of other things to do rather than snack if you are bored or depressed! I found one method of improving my diet is to keep a diary for a week or two and write down every single thing I eat or drink. You'll find yourself hesitating about whether to eat that second cupcake, and feel quite proud when you achieve a day of good healthy eating.

Bra Queen said...

Graciebell great tips you're shared! I think night sweet snack are high on every females list, so it's handy to have some tips up your sleeve.

Norlin It does make a big difference! Here's to finding time to exercise too ;-)

Shell, I couldn't agree more about the food id fuel and not just a quick fill. You'll find out soon about the connection to why and what drives us!

Moonchild- Great feedback! I'm a big believer in if it makes you feel crap or tired after you're eaten it, then DON'T eat it!

Thank you all for your great tips!

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