Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sports Bra

Whether you wear Berlei Sports, Triumph, Champion, Enell or Shock Absorber Sports Bras you have to why and the difference between them.

Why do you need a Sports Bra?
Without a Sports Bra your breasts can move up to 10 cms when you exercise. It will stretch your skin and you loose elasticity.
What does that mean?
Once they hit south, they will stay south. That's why it is super important to have a great Sports Bra and now there are Sports Bras for everyone you just have to know where and what to look for.
As a G cup I have always worn 2 Sports bra (at once) to minimize bounce. Jogging or running hurt so I stuck with walking or the cross trainer.

What is the difference in Sports Bras?
You have 2 kinds of Sports Bras:

1.The Crop Top

This has NO UNDERWIRE and works on binding your breasts as much as possible to reduce bounce. It has a wide razor back so the weight is distributed evenly through out your back.
Pro: - If you buy good quality it will have excellent support and it places no pressure on your back.

Con: - You couldn’t wear this Sports Bra all day or for too long because it is quite restrictive because it does squash your breasts. However if you are just wanting it for exercise then it is perfect especially for larger cups. It is usually a thicker material.
E.g. of a quality Crop Top Sports Bra is Oprah's favorite Sports Bra the Enell, I can wear this Sports Bra and happily run and jump without any bounce.

2.Traditional Shape Bra

This has underwire and has thick straps, it is crucial that-
o Band fits snugly around your back
o Underwires sit flush against your chest
o It must be the right shape for you otherwise it will dig in and be very uncomfortable
o NO gapping in the cup, this will create bounce
o NO spillage in the cup, it will not give you the support you need
Some look like traditional bras coming straight across the back while others have razor backs (where the straps cross over at the back) . It is personal preference, one isn’t better then the other. However Sports Bras that have underwire and a razor back can be tricky to put on.

Pro: - You can wear these all day long if you need to. There are a wide variety of styles so you can ensure you get the right shape for you. They are a light weight material to absorb sweat.

Con: - They only go up to an E Cup (some don’t even do that) so larger cup sizes are not catered for at all.
HOT TIP- When trying on Sports Bras jog on the spot and jump up and down that way you’ll know if it stops bounce.

HOTTEST TIP: - Don’t listen to Marketing Hype such as “Worlds Best Sports Bra” or “No 1 selling Sports Bra” It is getting the right shape for you, no 1 sports bra can suit everyone.
Sports Bras still have bra shapes so you may to read It's All About The Shape.
Or if you don’t know your bra size read How To Measure Your Bra Size

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