Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feedback & Update on Love Your Life

How are you going?
It's been 4 weeks since the Love Your Life Challenge, are you still making a cautious effort to BE?

I have had so many emails from you! So a BIG thank you for all of your feedback.

Many of you ask when is it going to start again?
I am actually talking to other businesses who loved the idea and they want to come on board and do another one. So watch this space

I am still looking at turning it into an ebook for you, so you can re-visit it whenever your need too.

Please give me your feedback on what you thought of the challenge, as I am tweaking it within the coming months and would love to know what you liked, what you didn't like, what was relevant to you etc. You can email me or you can leave a comment here.

Thank you in Advance


Anonymous said...

It was so well timed for me! I have email you as well.

Bra Queen said...

K- Thank you! I think that has been the consensus of everyone you was brave enough to take the challenge, I am very happy for you and thank you for the email ;)

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