Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet The BraBall®

Look at this super cool gadget!
You will never have to handwash your bras again. It totally protects your bras and the shapes even if they are gel, water, padded or molded.

They also improve the quality of the whole wash! Due to the way in which the Bra Ball pounds around the wash.

They will hit Australian shores really soon!

You can check them out here for more information on the Bra Ball.

If you are outside of Australia contact


Toria said...

They're already here - a colleague received one as a birthday present a few months ago. After studying it, I didn't think it would fit a larger sized bra, but maybe they sell different sizes?

Bra Queen said...

Oh awesome! They are bringing out a larger size because the current one doesn't fit larger cup sizes :)

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