Friday, November 27, 2009

New Home. New Identity

Well what a year, Hooley Dooley!

* I now have my logo, FINALLY! I love it :)
It represents strength, femininity, reflection & growth.
Which for me this year has totally been about ALL of those things. But more then that it's something I think we should all thrive for.

* Speaking of Growth!

Bra Queen will be moving home in the next few weeks I am currently working and putting it all together so make sure you join me for the ride! it will have more value then EVER before, so watch this space :)

I have heaps more in the pipe works so stay tuned!


Michelle Hayward & Family said...

I have a 'thing' for logos, working in this arena, and I just love this one! It's awesome!
Really really gorgeous!

Bra Queen said...

Thank you Michelle! I am very happy with it :)

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