Monday, November 30, 2009

Life Without Doubt

I'm a great listener! You guys wanted to talk about Self Doubt and you have had a task to do, have you done it? If not go and do it!

Now I want you to think and this-

Where would you be without doubt? The ONLY thing that stops us from doing something is doubt!
Let's talk about your doubt and put it aside because it will only hold you back and I KNOW you, you don't want that.

"Stuff" happens, it happens for a reason it's how you process it that's important. Life tests you, I am going to share something with you.

When I was 18 through to 21 I worked 3 jobs and was saving heaps of money so I could put myself through College. During that time people would ask me for money and I would just give it to them $50, $100, $1000, $3000 and I didn't think anything of it and I would never get it back. But through my journey I thought these people were my friends and loved ones, I trust people that's who I am but people take that for grated and use that for their financial gain.
Though my self discovery and lack of funds I thought "I will never lend money to anyone again." Well you know, there are exceptions :) and I never did.

Life was testing me, when was I going to learn?

For over a decade nothing like this had happened until recently more business related.
The first time I wanted and paid for a service and it was terrible, he wasn't upfront, totally overcharged me and didn't give me an option for anything else. I was going to receive this in 2 weeks, it turned into 7 weeks. I called and emailed he never replied, ever!
In the end I voiced my opinion and how I felt. I had been taken advantage of, he had even said "because I was cool" and as "cool" as I am everyone has a limit!
So I thought "Never do that again, ask questions" then 2 days later I got scammed, my fault I asked questions clearly not enough. I didn't say "I need to think about it, my mind works 1000kmph so I get so caught up in the moment that I just go right lets do this!

Life was testing me! It gave me a little test and then double checked to make sure I learned my lesson, I didn't. Now I have!
I didn't get mad or angry at anyone (a little at myself) but I said "Life is testing me to make sure I learned my lesson"

My point is- "Stuff" is going to happen but try to learn your lesson from it and move on.

How To Be Successful
Suck It Up Sister!


Michelle Hayward & Family said...

I needed this today!!!

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God LOVE Perfect Timing Michelle :)

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