Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My NEW site is up! Finally, it's been a long time in the making :)

Which one is for you?

BRAQUEEN.COM.AU is for Lingerie Businesses or Business Owners. When you subscribe you receive a FREE REPORT on "5 Tips to SKYROCKET Your Lingerie Business". On this site it has all of my Business Coaching services, I blog about Business and Lingerie; how to improve and create a better business, what's happening within the Lingerie Industry and how to make your business rock!

It is made for lingerie businesses however all businesses are welcome everyone will/can learn.

BRAQUEEN.BLOGSPOT.COMwill not change, it will continue to be Lingerie, Lifestyle and Loving Life!
I will be re launching it very soon however don't worry the content will not change!

Personally I am looking forward to ensuring both sites continue to be awesome! You guys help make it awesome so a BIG THANK YOU for your emails, comments and your support.

2010 is going to go OFF!

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