Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Use The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction does it work?

* Does it work,
* Is it real, or
* Is it nonsense?

How you perceive The Law of Attraction is different for everybody and if I simplify it this is how I see it.

I am a HUGE believer in the Law of Attraction and everyone has to start somewhere when they first discover it, some may even live by it without even realising it has a name.

What did the Law of Attraction teach me?

It taught me that I had the power to control every single aspect of my life, but first I had to not only live by it in the present but also to use it to work through "my stuff" from the past. If I was going to move forward then I HAD to understand my past, learn from it and move on. Then I could focus and know what I wanted in the future, IF I listened. For me that is the secret to the Law of Attraction, to listen; to what the divine or life is trying to tell us. To trust the process of life, as my all time favorite Louise Hay would say.

To live and breathe it as a way of life and not using it like a tool to get what you want. Kind of like "Healthy Living" opposed to "Going on a diet". If your not in it for the long haul then it's just not going to work.

There is goal setting, vision boards and I whole bunch of stuff that you can do all of which I wholeheartedly believe in, is that The Law of Attraction? Personally I think it's an element of it, however there are many elements to the Law of Attraction.

What can the Law of Attraction do for you?

By listening, trusting and allowing yourself to be The Law of Attraction can-
* Allow you to Love yourself, unconditionally
* Allow you to be loved, unconditionally
* Allow you to have emotional security
* Allow you to have financial security
* Allow you to have the Profession you were meant to have
* Allow you to be happy
* Allow you to be Free

How do you view the Law of Attraction?

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