Monday, January 4, 2010

Bra Review on Dalia Lingerie

Cost- $90 to $100 (I will get an accurate RRP)
Lift- 9/10
Separation- 10/10
Quality- 10/10
Shape- 9/10
Material- 9/10

Over All- 9.5/10

Bra Queen's Comments- Jiminy Cricket! I LOVE THIS BRA... Those words RARELY come out of my mouth. But everything about this Bra is divine, shape great, lift great, comfort awesome and it's HOT. There is quite a bit of stretch in the back so make sure it's a snug fit across the back and on the loosest hook. it brings your breasts forward so it's really slimming as well, you gotta love that :)

Dalia is a Polish Lingerie Company, not readily available in Australia just yet, however I will be working hard to get it out there for you guys because it is a great bra. They are more Bras in this collection that I can't wait to try, so as I get them I will let you know my thoughts. They are available at it's not on their site so you will have to contact them for more info!

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Anonymous said...

Nice, might have to buy a set for my wife :-)

Bra Queen said...

She will LOVE you for it!

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