Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Evolving Road to Self Discovery

One of the most important things I have learnt in life is to stop and see things for how there are and process all information. Trust and listen to what life is trying to teach me.

People come and go through out your life as we all know, they brings different things to us at the right time. Then you have a handful of friends and family that are your people- the stayers.

Your people are your support and the core of who you are.

I love my people with all my heart, what lead me to this post is a number of things but it was inspired by my last post and it got me thinking.

• Each one of my people I have work with, lived with and socialised with at the same time and we never got sick of each other. Obviously lives change and we moved on but they are still my people.
• We see each other for who we really are; we see things in each that other people don’t see.
• We started a journey and we worked hard because we are all passionate people who don’t do it for the money we do it for the love, we are successful but money does not inspire us to succeed, happiness does.
• We see beyond, we understand that there is an art to everything in life and appreciate the work you have put into it.
• We always encourage each other in our chosen paths we do not be negative and say what if, we can’t, it won’t work. No way never.

If you have anyone in your life that doesn’t encourage you in the best ways possible, I have learnt that you must distance yourself from them because they will happily use your energy, your ideas, your data, your referrals, your friends and YOU. You will not get thanks or acknowledgment you barely get a look in eye or god forbid a smile. They will drain you of your life and you are too good for that.
Ask yourself has your relationship always been so one sided? Chances are it has and you’ve never realised it! You can only try so much, you can extend the olive branch so many times and they’ll take it but they won’t be one handed back to you.

Try this: Surround yourself with-

• People who work with you on your ideas and you will create something awesome.
• Inspire you and you inspire them
• They make you laugh out loud and you’re funnier around them
• They make you a better person
• You feel like you’re a better person for knowing them
• You are always there for each other
• You see how wonderful you both are and you aren’t afraid of telling them
• You both know that there is enough success in this world for everybody so you rejoice in each other success.

You see how happier you would be everyday just by surrounding yourself with awesome people.

Tell your people just how wonderful they are today.


Treacle said...

Brilliant. There's a relationship I've been struggling with that's so destructive it's damn near cancerous and it's hard to summon the courage to let it go. Messages like this are exactly what I need to hear.

Bra Queen said...

It is so hard sometimes because sometimes they are close to you but sometimes saying no to others is saying yes to yourself. It's hard but worth it.

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