Sunday, February 21, 2010


11 years ago we started a journey, it was by chance that I was greeted by you on my first day and you showed me around the MS Imagination, our baby.

We moved to a new country and started a new life, a new job all on the same day, daunting but we were eager to work hard, make money and find ourselves. We did all three but we also found each other. For that I am grateful.

Two young girls we worked hard, partied hard and seen the world. Conquered our careers, trained by the best in the world and little did we know it would give us confidence, direction and an open door to any job we wanted in the industry, anywhere.

From the moment I meet you always said Australia would become your home, you wanted more then anything for this wonderful country to be yours and you’d never even been here, but you knew.

So 10 years later after you transformed many businesses into profitable sort after Day Spa’s in the most exotic locations, you came to Australia.

So excited for you because I know how much you want this and excited because I know I am a better person for having you in my life, you bring out the best in me and now you are close. You are my person, you motivate me, you say “I’m so proud of you, you’ve always wanted to own your own business and look at you you’re quite the entrepreneur” you get me and you are the air that I breathe, my core, my person.

But now you can’t say!

I am so so sad for you, I know this is your home and you love it and Australia would be a better place having you in it. You tried so hard and you nearly succeeded, it doesn’t seem fair. But we have to trust the process of life and I know that it will all work out. I know you will be back and it will be forever.

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