Friday, March 12, 2010

Date Ideas You Can Do in Your La Perlas!

Guest post by the fabulously saucy Emma Merkas

What’s the point of all this saucy lingerie if you can’t show it off every now and then?

The next time you’re planning a date with your sweetie, take it inside with one of these cheeky date ideas and strip down to your underwear for a fun, intimate date night for two.

1. Play Strip Poker
The perfect excuse to get you both down to your bare essentials, set yourselves up with a deck of cards and use your clothing as your stakes.

2. Cook in Your Undies
Get heated in the kitchen in the sexiest way possible! Prepare a menu together laden with aphrodisiacs like oysters, asparagus, smoked salmon, champagne, strawberries and chocolate.

3. Play a Game of Nookii

This playful board game is made just for two and will have you panting in no time as you make your way through your Mmm, Ooh and Aah sexy cards.

4. Treat Your Sweetie to a Massage
Underwear is optional for this of course, but we suggest you start with it on and see what happens from there.

Pick up some massage oil or a massage bar from Lush, set your partner up on a bed or seated on the floor and set about making them melt. Click here if you need to brush up on your massage tips first.

5. Bed Picnic
Seclude yourself for an afternoon and take a picnic back to bed with you. Strip off, get comfortable and nibble on yummy cheeses and fresh fruit under the duvet.

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