Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reflection & Your Business Mindset

Reflection is a beautiful thing; it allows us to be accountable, to improve and to learn.
No matter how old we are we always learn, I heard a classic statement yesterday “I have been in this business for 30 years and it’s never been this bad, oh I know some businesses do well BUT in this area businesses are closing, rent is high and so on….

While this might be true businesses do close down everywhere that has and will never change as sad as it is. However it is not location specific.
Businesses do very well however it’s not the business it’s the people and the product inside it.
Rent can be a killer however if you’ve been there for 30 years it didn’t just go up over night.

My clientele are older people because young people don’t spend money… what they don’t have breasts? But more to the point; why is everything in your store tailored to young people if they are not your niche?

It’s your mindset and the action you choose to take

1. If you have a negative mind then you will not do well in business.

2. Your business is constantly evolving if you are not evolving with it you will sink faster then the titanic.

3. Times change, people change and it is crucial you reassess your business model to remain an industry leader.

4. We have to educate our customers and that is our responsibility and ours solely if our customers do not understand it is not their fault it is ours for not doing our job.

5. Choose your niche not because you think it’s where the money is but because you love those people. If you love those people you will love doing your job and your customers will love you for it and therefore spend money to support you.

6. If you are listening to the wrong advice or negative advice it’s because they don’t get it, only seek advice of people who have been there and understand.

7. If you have been complaining about-
• The government
• It’s the global financial crisis,
• It’s my area,
• It’s the clientele
• It’s my overheads

Sorry to disappoint but IT IS YOU! Not any of the above, yes some things effect business however it is much easier to blame others then to be accountable which is why the majority of people will not get this because it is much harder to be accountable and to change then what it is to sit back and whine about how bad your life is…

But I know what I’d prefer! How about you are you ready for action, your choice.


Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Great post - I so agree. I avoid negative GFC talk to the point of rudeness at times, I don't want to be toxified by such beliefs.

Bra Queen said...

I know I hear it all the time and I refuse to let it and anything determine my business success, no way. The thing is the people who do believe that will always believe some'thing' is stopping them. ARGH!

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