Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm so tired I feel like a fraud

In my world there are rainbows and light fluffy clouds. Smiling happy children filled with laughter and good times. The perfect balance of juggling children, partner and my businesses all while leading a healthy life.

RRRRRT CRASH..... I am tired

Here's the reality as mind is racing a zillion miles per hour telling me what and when I need to do everything. My body has been saying slowdown...but I don't listen.
My body says; No, really slow down otherwise I'm going to shut it down.

* Little cold, little cold but I'm OK
* Little headache, little headache but I'm OK
* Little tired, alot tired so I have 2 cups of coffee so I'm OK
* Oh really my coffee machine breaks down! That's just mean.

Thank goodness my cold sore pops up right after I finish filming my segment on Room to Grow.
Really! another two cold sores you say. Maybe I should slow down? I'm so tired and so much sleep and I'm still tired.

Let's re access

Day after day, month after month, year after year and sweet Mother of God I am so exhausted I can hardly keep my eyes open. Slowly slowly I missed the hints, I didn't listen but I am not missing this reality check.

So I listen

Every week I give myself 30 mins to give myself a facial, a body scrub and a pedicure. That is my time but in reality that is not enough to keep me balanced.

If I'm going to be the best Mother, Partner and Businesswoman I can be then I need to put myself first.

Otherwise I am fraud a liar and a cheat

To look after my children, work literally every minute of everyday then pull an all nighter and wake up at 7am to start the day again that 30 minutes a week does not cut it, it's just not enough.

Who am I kidding did I really think it was enough.

Time to stop, look and listen. What do you need to readjust?


HouseofVinter said...

I'd reply to this post ... but I'm TOO tired...
Boy do I know just HOW you feel!!!!!!!!
I have 2 big launches this welll and well you know the rest... yawn!!!!!!

dani said...

i'm tired too....that happens with a new born though!! get some rest Renee xo

Bra Queen said...

Thanks guys! It's kind of nice to realise and re adjust.
I know Dani! Your at the stage were the adrenalin has gone so have the visitors and you're just exhausted. It gets better and easier I promise, it's different with 2 isn't.
I'm resting this weekend :)

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