Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plus Size Too Sexy For TV? US Ad Got Pulled....

Lane Bryant just launched their brand new Cacique lingerie ad and now claims that ABC network rejected their Ad for being "too sexy." What the?

Yes! That is right it was due to air during US Dancing With The Stars (where they wear very little) however it got pulled because it showed too much cleavage.

What do you think?

To be honest when I first watched this I was a little taken aback because I thought I have never seen a plus size lingerie company be that daring but I thought "Man, she looks hot!" Too much cleavage that's just ridiculous too risque I've never heard so much BS in my life. I actually thought it was so clever, tasteful and it makes you feel like you can be more then a Mother, a Partner or whatever. You can feel like a sensual woman who can feel great everyday.

Here's what Fox said

“We didn’t treat them any differently than Victoria’s Secret,” a Fox spokesman said. A rep for ABC declined to comment. Fox had asked Lane Bryant to flash less flesh, the source said. But the label said no. Both networks had a first glimpse of the disputed ad last month from Lane Bryant execs.”They sent the storyboards in late March to Fox to approve. Fox rejected them, saying it was too racy, too risqué,” the source said.

ABC says plus size retailer Lane Bryant’s claims that the network refused to air a commercial featuring a model in lingerie are no more than a fabricated publicity stunt. And Lane Bryant thinks the net’s executives are a bunch of prejudiced boobs.

Here is the Victoria Secret Ad that is aired on the very same Network

Your Thoughts?


MadCow said...

Emr ... well, I wish I looked as hot as plus sized model .. and, in fact, think she looks WAY hotter than models in ad number two.

In fact, ad 1 was way better overall than ad 2, forget amount of skin showing.

Ad 2, I'm sure, had way too much plastic in the boob region.

Talking gibberish because I am STUNNED! WTF???

Bra Queen said...

I know! I think she is much hotter as well. Crazy isn't it.

Bec said...

It's an ad for bras! How can their be too much cleavage? That really is insane!

ITA that woman looks fantastic

Bra Queen said...
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Bra Queen said...

Exactly! It's a bra and you show no more flesh then a swimsuit. It blows me away that these people on multi million dollar salary can be so stupid.

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