Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sarah Prout's POWER PUBLISHING eCourse

The remarkably talented Sarah Prout has launched her POWER PUBLISHING eCourse, if you have EVER thought about writing a book and becoming an Author then you have to read on....

The ‘POWER PUBLISHING’ eCourse commences on the Monday the 17th of May and you will be emailed one PDF module per day (excluding weekends) until the 28th of May, 2010.

Here is what each module will include…

: This module is all about how to brainstorm the best possible book concept to add value to your niche market. We’ll examine how to construct models for marketable ideas and vital steps you should take before you commence your book project.

MODULE #2: This module gives you a set list of tasks to get the ball rolling on your publishing project and how to set up specific systems to lay the groundwork for success. How to research effectively and build momentum.

MODULE #3: This module explains how to construct action lists of key people to contact and timeframes that need to be adhered to in order to make sure your book project is a success. I let you know the secret to approaching A-listers that you want to join your compilation book – whether it be for a testimonial, a foreword or a chapter in your book project.

MODULE #4: This module is all about how to attract various contributors that are willing to invest in your book project and the benefits of the compilation model. This section contains awesome secrets to create an author funded book and where to advertise your project for maximum exposure.

MODULE #5: This model is your ultimate outsourcing guide to self-publishing. Alternatively, it will give you creative ideas to ensure your time and resources are managed effectively throughout the duration of your book project.

: The production phase is vital to get right. I’m going to let you know what you need to do in order to make sure your book is print perfect. This module will cover design, typesetting, binding and ensuring the quality of your final product.

: This module will discuss how to build buzz for your book with social media, training your contributing authors and generating pre-sales. We’ll also explore effective ways to present your book on a website.

MODULE #8: This module will show you how to build a press kit and all of the important elements to include when attracting media attention. I’ll also show you how to write excellent PR stories surrounding your new product and where to submit your press releases to online.

MODULE #9: This module will cover the best methods to monetize your book, how to sell it online and alternative ways to leverage your project as a stream of ongoing revenue.

MODULE #10: This module will discuss the best ways to leverage being an author and how to use your book for the growth of your brand. I’ll also show you how you can maximize your role as an author to your ultimate business advantage.

To sign up go to POWER PUBLISHING eCourse

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