Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Star in a Bra

I'm all for keeping it real and I will support and encourage everyone else to do the same. So I applaud businesses that step outside the fashion, unrealistic, size zero no one looks like that industry.

Last week I showed you the controversial Ad for plus size women by Lane Bryant that got pulled for being "too risque". However the majority of you, myself included thought she looked stunning and so not risque. She represented women that are real and we can all relate too.

Curvy Kate is conducting their annual Star in Bra contest and have just selected the Top 30. They are real women from a variety of backgrounds, looks and nationalities. The winner will be the official Face of Curvy Kate.

To check out the models and vote click here

I have reviewed Curvy Kate's Collection so if you would like to read it you can do it here

Here are some of their previous winners....

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