Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Have a Choice

Every move we make and every decision we make...we create and we choose our path.

It's so much easier to think that is was someone else's fault, that we are not accountable or responsible. Oh but the good stuff....we made that happen of course we did! Somethings are out of our control however ultimately we still get to choose how we proceed or digest the information.

Stuff happens and you feel like your alone, that no one understands. I don't know is that a way of us deciding that we are not ready to talk because if we talk then we need to be prepared to make decisions or take action.

When something positive happens in our lives we call someone, we shout it from the roof tops there are so many people who we can tell. Right?

Do you see where I am going with this?

Why is it that when positive things happen we can tell and talk to anyone and everyone but when negative things happen we freeze up and have this need to bottle it up and not tell anyone...how weird is that!

My point is you, me...we all have a choice and two minds are better then one right? We create our own destiny. Our past, our "stuff" that may have helped shape us but that doesn't define who we are and what we are going to do.

We decide that!

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