Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bra Review Elomi Sports Bra

Elomi Plus Size Sports Bra

Lift- 9/10
Separation- 10/10
Quality- 9/10
Shape- 9/10
Material- 10/10
Appearance- 10/10

Over All-

Bra Queen’s Comments-
This Elomi Sports bra is so super comfortable to wear, the lift and support is great. The material is so soft on the skin, if you're active through out the day you could easily wear this bra all day if you need the support.

Sizes D to H Cups and 14 to 22

If you're Melbourne based check out my girls at Brava or Sydney gals check my girls over at DeBras.


Daria said...

I'm definitely going to check this out. It's so difficult for us buxom girls to find a sports bra that REALLY keeps everything from bouncing around painfully. After years of frustration, I've realized that the compression bras with separate cups are definitely the way to go; I also like that they keep a more feminine shape under clothing, so you don't get the dreaded "uniboob" look!

full bras

full bras

Bra Queen said...

Check it out Daria, it feels divine on. If you do alot of running you may try the Enell this really supports your breasts however they do kind of bind your breasts so they aren't that comfy to wear but you can exercise no worries you just wouldn't wear them all day.

Renee xx

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