Monday, July 5, 2010

Fitness Project Update

Last week a started my Can I lose 10kg in 12 weeks Fitness Project so every Monday will bring a weigh in and update on my progress.

Weight Loss- 1.5kg

I feel like I've lost the double chin I started to get...Yay! When I look in the mirror I feel like my skin looks healthier.

Work outs- It feels good to be exercising again. In saying that I wasn't as unfit as I thought I would be....maybe running around after the girls is doing something. I found running some days were harder then others but all in all because it's only 20 mins it's not too time consuming; which I need. I am really enjoying my boxing bag for my upper body workouts. I am sore but it's a good pain.

Food- I eat healthy anyway so this was never going to be hard for me however I am having to remind myself to eat lunch because when I am working I get so focused on what I'm doing I forget to eat. So yesterday I made a big batch of soup so it's there and just have to heat it up.

It's much easier to eat healthy when you workout because you know how much work you've put into losing it and you really don't what to jeopardise that.

How did you go?

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