Monday, June 8, 2009

My Rock, My Foliage

It has been my mission of late to start enjoying the present. It was a long weekend so a perfect time to appreciate my surroundings.

Yesterday we celebrated a 1st birthday; we were with all of our friends whom I just love. You know the friends that you travel through life with and connect on different levels. But there are no judgments just an endless amount of comfort and support as I share all of my ups and downs and realise they are my rock. They make you see things through different eyes, which I love and now we get to watch our kids play, dance, hold hands and cuddle. So they are now traveling through their lives together and will become each others rock.

Today we went for a drive and had lunch with friends and it was just lovely. We drove past one of the areas that were burnt by Black Saturday. I was looking at the trees that were burnt to crisp but now 5 months later some of them are starting to come back to life which was so nice to see.

Then I realised the foliage is growing back differently and I thought ‘Mmmm they’re not to dissimilar from us really’

We travel through life and sometimes horrible things happen that can knock you down but you get back up. You learn, you grow and move on but you’re different with each life experience. The core is the same but the foliage is different.

What we need to do is try and stay positive and trust the process of life and that all of things are making you a better person so you can be all you can be.

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Anonymous said...

Needed that read tonight Braqueen....feeling better about tomorrow! True, true words! Feeling good now, thanks!

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