Friday, August 14, 2009

BRA REVIEW- Playtex Deluxe Support

The beautiful Kate Ceberano models this range.
It's the 1st time Playtex have really given the whole Pretty Big Bras a crack. Close but no cigar, but cheers to you for trying!
Your breasts don't look as good as Kate's, however even on Kate you can see that there is a little spillage in the cup. It did the same when I reviewed it, it's because the elastic is too tight.

Cost- $69.95
Lift- 8/10
Separation- 8/10
Quality- 6/10
Shape- 4/10
Material- 5/10
Appearance- 4/10

Bra Queen’s Comments- For the price I think you can do A LOT better! The bra makes your breasts look really pointy. Some people like that however I’m not a fan of pointy boobs.
If you’re not fussed about nice material or shape you may like this bra.

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