Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How Do Loved Ones See You?

As you know I get oodles of emails about Self Doubt & Self Esteem, how do you combat it. Following up my post Self Doubt Are Your Qualified? I received even MORE emails from people thanking me!
It is my pleasure!

What I would like you to do today is-

Pick 3 people who love you for you, ask them-
* How they see you?
* If they had to describe you to someone what would they say?
* What do they think makes you fabulous?

We our our own worst enemies sometimes, what we see in ourselves no one would ever notice!

Who are you going to ask?
What did they say?


vegemitevix said...

Funnily enough I did just this very thing on the weekend as I was having a very rugged time trying to maintain emotional balance. So I asked my Englishman, 'what do you love about me'. Apart from all the typical things that a man might love about his wife (say no more!) he said a couple of funny ones - 1) how you do your makeup even when you're not feeling happy, you still make an effort 2)you're so funny! 3) you couldn't organise a p*ss up in a brewery! You'd make sure you got there but you couldn't organise it! And then he belly laughed. Funny thing, I felt better.It's nice knowing he's on my side. Great ideas BQ I'll followup that heart to heart by asking your suggested q's and see what response I get.

Bra Queen said...

HA! That great. My partner says to me "If you can only see yourself throught my eyes" I am going to get him to elaborate on that :)

Blog on the Rocks said...

Hi Renee,you are doing great things.... at least in asking the question I have started looking at my own personal needs, which as busy as we get we can tend to forget the personal stuff. There are certain rocks for self esteem as well.

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