Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Presents....

Christmas is a week away, my goodness!
Chances are our partners haven't yet sourced and purchased our Christmas presents.

Personally I LOVE the element of surprise however I am a little frighten as to what I might get. Over nearly 11 years I have had some great pressie's and well not so great ones that are still in their boxes.
The down side about being the Bra Queen is I NEVER receive lingerie (from him anyway)and well this may come as a shock to you but I LOVE lingerie! I think he has forgotten :)

Do you run the risk of getting a bad present? Or do you tell your partner what you want for Christmas?

I have done both in the past and this year I am braving it, so I'll keep you posted!

What do you want for Christmas?

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Anonymous said...

a surprise it will be for me!!! purchased when we get to melb too....But I never know what I want!---dani

Bra Queen said...

HaHa! Well we'll have to see, if I don't know what I want then I usually say whatever, but if I really want something that's when I tell him :)

Craig Tyler said...

Something not "the norm" is the best way to go.

All women love to be pampered. Guys.....the day spa is always a great option. Away from the city, up in the mountains. Chances are she'd never expect you to even think of it. Take her away. Do a full body massage course as I did. Comes in handy. She'll love you for it. Material "things" can be bought all year round. Great way to finish a year and start the new year revitalised :)

Bra Queen said...

TOTALLY Craig! That's the spirit, I just LOVE to Spa :)

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