Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I Got From The Apprentice

As you know the Australia had it's first The Apprentice with Mark Bouris.

I found the final 3 really interesting, they were-
* One was money orientated.
* The girl was all about the outcome and didn't really think about the process, but delivered.
* The 3rd was all about the journey and delivered, but maybe not as well as the girl.

The money oriented guy got fired, the final 2 were the journey OR the destination.

WHO WON? The journey! YAY!
You see you can get to the top of the mountain however if you didn't enjoy the journey, learn from the journey it's going to be very lonely on top of the mountain because you'll be alone!

When the winner Mirello said "I don't have a University degree, but I want this job."
Mark Bouris said- You have a University Degree. Your whole life you have been at Uni because you've been IN TOUCH with people.

Which goes hand in hand with my post on Self Doubt, Are You Qualified?

The last thing I took from this was-

Mirello said that success is-
* Being true to yourself
* Being true to everyone
* Being true to your competitors
Just be yourself,

Even in business the same rules apply! Any successful business person will tell you that.


Anonymous said...

"The apprentice is a great show that inspires the younger generation. Another business oriented film I found educated. ''The YES Movie'' produced by Louis Lautman

Bra Queen said...

I will check it out :)I LOVE inspiration!

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