Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who's The Sexiest?

I am so excited about 2010! Bring it on, its going to be a cracker.

I WASN’T so excited when I stepped on the scales this morning and discovered I have put on 3kg over what was one of the greatest Festive Seasons ever.
So now I have a whopping 8kg that I would LOVE to say goodbye too. My Baby Girl is 13months now so therefore no longer an excuse.

How can I lose weight?

First things first no more alcohol! Ok that is just not realistic- Cut down on alcohol,
Replace and replenish- For the next 5 days I am nourishing my body with a vegetable soup for lunch and dinner.
Healthy Snacks- No chips, no cheese, just fruit.
Step up the exercise- I have been using my usual exercise time and doing work so I need to adjust my schedule and fit exercise in. Aim 4 times a week.

After my 5 day cleanse I will continue on my normal eating regime as per prior to the festive season.

FACT- Most people will put on between 1 to 4kg over the Christmas period.

How much did you put on and how are you going to lose it?

Who's The Sexiest?

When I was getting my HOT new haircut I was reading Marie Claire and I came across an interesting piece.

Australian fashion Magazine Marie Claire conducted a Dress Size Survey of 6 women ranging from sizes 6 to 16 and they put it to the public to see which one people thought was “The Sexiest”

59% said the Size 12
13% said the Size 14
10% said the Size 16
Less than 10% preferred Size 8 and under.

• Size 16 is the average dress size in Australia compared to Size 18 in America.
• The average waist size is 87.5cm and if you are over 25 it goes up an average of 2cm every 5 years.
• The average weight in Australia is 67.7kg.

So is society is changing back to a more realistic view as to what women should look like? Clearly men and women have a totally different perception of what “Sexy” is.
Personally I would LOVE for us all to know that we are all different and we need to embrace what God has given us and dress to our body shape and know that as long as we are Healthy & Happy then that IS the bigger picture.

Happy New Year Guys! May it bring you everything you would like it too xxx


K.Line said...

I'm not crazy enough to get on a scale this week! :-) In truth, I hope I stayed more or less the same. I had a few days of big indulgence, but not as many as I would have liked.

And, it's rough losing the last 20 lbs after having a baby. It takes time. So don't get overwhelmed. One's metabolism changes so much in the couple of years after you have a kid. With your health regime, I'm sure you'll get back to your goal weight in good time.

Happy New Year.

Blog on the Rocks said...

I have put on plenty as well... so I really need to step up to the plate and do some extra workout time as well... but I am post menopause... believe me it just get harder to loose now !! I was wondering if now days it is more the Western Society's hangup abut weight and the super slim figure? What do you think?
Pleasantly Plump.. Lou

Anonymous said...

Why do magazines get it sooooooo wrong. I congratulate you bra-queen on adding the survey that Marie Clare conducted about "Sexiness". Funny how this survey says that over 50% of people think that a size 12 is sexy yet Marie Clare, in their latest Issue chose Jen Hawkins, with no airbrushing to promote healthy body image!! What the!! That size 6 ,supermodel that needs no airbrushing anyway!!! gee, that makes me feel really positive about my naturally sagging breasts or that role on my stomoach. Boooo to Marie Clare...Yay to Bra-queen for keeping it real :-)

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Jen Hawkins, as she is happy in her own skin. Yes she has a gorgeous figure and size 6 whatever. Bottom line, it's her job and she works hard for it. This is her NATURAL ...
I believe the only message Marie Clare is sending is to be happy and healthy in your own skin. Eat well, exercise etc. Everyone else has far to many hang ups. If you are 5ft2 with black hair ... you will not look like Jen. Be good to yourself, eat well, be happy PERIOD. Go Jen you are a great role model for looking after ones self.

Sarah Prout said...

Good luck Renee! I need to budge 3 kilos too I think. I REALLY like the idea of your cleanse. The vegie soup sounds nice.



Bra Queen said...

Hi K.Line! Thank you, I know I am just discovering how your body changes. The joys ;)

Hi Lou- Great! It gets harder, good luck with 2010! I agree I am getting much more comfortable in my own skin, curves I now like them, bust I'm happy with (apart from the going south factor :)

Thank you Anonymous, I always keep it real! I know what you mean about about models being size 6 it is contradicting themselves.
I do agree that it is good that Jen is happy in her own skin and she is promoting healthy living, she is naturally slim which of course does make life much easier! Maybe we would feel better if they promoted a Mum, that way it would be much more believable for us :)

Thanks Sarah! Lucky I love soup, I soooo needed to cleanse.

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