Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year, New Decade

Maddison & Milly

But what about the last one, have you thought about your accomplishments in 2009.

Before you go full steam ahead for this year, allow yourself time to reflect on 2009 and give yourself a pat on the back. I had a huge year both personally and professionally I let go of somethings while I embraced others.
My biggest realisation for the year was to;


My Personal Accomplishments:

* I listened to myself and then acted.
* I maintained a healthy lifestyle; I juggled work, exercise and healthy eating.
* I was able to juggle Motherhood and my business (When I say juggle is WAS just that)
* Slowly but surely our house came together, it should be finished next month, YAY!

My Business Achievement's

* I sold my baby, not Milly :)so I could focus on Bra Queen
* Bra Queen started as 1 business and now it is 2!
* Conducted the Love Your Life Challenge which went off
* Conducted the 2009 Bra Survey AND it was featured in The Age
* Radio Interviews, Papers
* Contributor Author to SPROUT WEALTH, the paperback book will be available really soon.
* The Launch of which I love.

What happening in 2010?


* After 2 years of building we will move into our house
* Maddison starts Kinder and she has another dilation next week.
* After 11 years I think it maybe time to start to organise a wedding, Ooo La La.
* As always lose weight, I lost my 3 kilos of Christmas weight so just 5 to go.
* Work/Life balance, I have decided to work nights instead of trying to "fit" it in during the day. It's quieter and WAY more constructive.


* Bra Queen will be rolling out a whole bunch of online courses, coaching, tutorials and much more. I am dedicated to helping Small Businesses take their Business to the level to achieve emotional and financial freedom.
* I need a NEW NAME for this site, so if you have any ideas please let me know!
* I will be Guest Presenting on a TV Show called 'A Room To Grow'
* I am hitting the streets and doing heaps of filming for you guys.
* SPROUT WEALTH will be available
* Love Your Life will be available for purchase so you can do it at your own pace.
* I am continuing my one on one coaching as well.

WOW!No wonder I'm working nights :) I can't possibly fit all of this into a day!

How about you what are you up too?


Blog on the Rocks said...

Hi Renee....
You are one busy lady !!!
Good on you !!!
I plan to make my baby Rocks Revealed grow organicaly into stones with a soul... I have just ended a 7 year relationship before Christmas and my main focus now is to help people connect with their inner being by using all the tools that I have learnt over the years.... Lapidary (stones) Taro, Numerology, Shaman and life expirence....My self esteem has been very low, as relationships break down, so do we I guess... but I know with the help of many I will rise above and grow from this.
The Rock Revealer.

Bra Queen said...

Baby Rocks sounds sweet! It will be a year of -, re-accessing, discovery for you! Enjoy the journey the good and the bad if you need any help please let me know.

Renee xx

Blog on the Rocks said...

Thanks Renee,
Cannot wait to sink my teeth into whatever comes my way this year.... Us girls have "things to do, places to see, and people to met" yah !... would apprieciate any help that you have to give! and the same my end!

Bra Queen said...

Thanks Lou! Let's ROCK IT OUT this year :)

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