Monday, January 11, 2010

Plus Size Models 'Hot Property'

Last week I wrote a post Who's The Sexiest? talking about a Dress Size Survey which Australian Fashion Magazine Marie Claire had conducted.i

The same day Jen Hawkins was on the cover of Marie Claire posing nude and untouched to promote Healthy Living. Huge media coverage and quite a bit of controversy as to whether she was appropriate being that she is Size 6.

Marie Claire Editor Jackie Frank stated on the 7pm Project that Jen sells magazines and she gets huge media coverage and a real woman wouldn't necessarily get that attention.
True Story! Fair enough she has a job to do and she does it well. She is actually I think one of the nicest and real ladies in the industry.


4 Days later, what I do see? Abby Valdes- Size 14 to 16


Plus Size Models Are 'Hot Property'

An article on news.ninemsn about Plus size models being in HUGE demand.

Fashion magazines Madison, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan were now regularly booking plus-size models.

Australia's Woman's Weekly in their latest edition has a 15 page spread featuring plus size models.

Have we had a light bulb moment, are the Australian Fashion Magazines going to promote real women? God, I hope so I don't want my girls having a warped perception of body image.

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