Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Celebrate Everyday

Make every day a day to celebrate life and be thankful. Look to every day as a day of new beginnings, opening your heart to positive hope and unlimited potential.

Take time to pull yourself away from all the noise and just look around you. Take inventory. Appreciate those who have enhanced the quality of your life and remember that they have been a gift to you. Also remember that you're a gift to them, too.

Be grateful for the choices you've made, both good and bad. Accept your mistakes: you can't change them anyway. Apply what you've learned and go on.
Use these lessons to help you with your other decisions in life. Appreciate yourself and your own uniqueness. Go outside and look at the sky. Soak in the atmosphere. Enjoy the colors of the landscape. Feel the textures of every place you're thankful for. Smile at the world. Don't allow any negative feelings to creep into your consciousness. Feel the power of your own acceptance. Put a positive spin on every thought you have.

Make every day special. Own it. Enjoy it. Bask in the glory of life. Appreciate the gift of your own life.

# Donna Fargo

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