Friday, June 18, 2010

Success Comes in Cans

Why and How?
Not cant's...
What you focus on expands; that's why it is crucial that you focus on the can's.

Don't get me wrong I know heaps of people you draw on life or business from a "feel sorry for me" or "this person sucks because...." place and do well from it. However is this really where you want to draw your motivation from? Really? No, no way. While it works well for some people you clearly need to wonder about the underlying happiness. However on the flip side of that we have to remember-

What similarities do families, teams or friends have with a jigsaw puzzle?

* They all have to fit together
* The completed/whole picture is better then the individual
* It takes all different shapes to make the whole picture, each piece isn't the same.
* You need to find the right pieces
* All pieces are interconnected
* Each piece has a part to play and is needed in the right sequence
* There are natural groupings
* The solution can be fragile
* Some pieces are central and some are peripheral
* Pieces need someone to move them
* Patience

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