Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How are your 2010 goals going? Check in...

Here we are half way through the year in 2010...already!

Now is a great time to check in to see how your goals are going. Are you on track? What I find a little difficult is writing down a list a my goals that is for the whole year. So this year I actually gave myself time frames to go by which makes it much easier to track your goals.

My 2010 personal goals-

* Move into house- Check
* Re structure work load so I'm not working until 2am 3 times a week- Check
* Lose weight- Mmm! Work in progress but I'm on my way. I have a new work out regime so it's great to be back on the horse.
* Spend quality time with my family- Check

So I must say I am travelling pretty good. So I am happy with my progress of my personal goals. How am I travelling with my business goals?

* eCourse written and launched- Check...now I am actually re working it as per my clients requests...watch this space.
* Home study pack written and launched- Check
* Event by March- Check...I have done my seminar as well as Bras, Boobs & Bubbles nights. However this is an ongoing element for Bra Queen both the seminar and the bra workshops have been extremely well received.
* My blog hosted on it's own domain- Mmm! Well I am working on this as we speak I promise. So yes I am re launching this blog which is super cool.
* Book published- Work in progress I have actually got the most exciting book concept that is going to be out of this world! Eeeee!

So all in all 2010 for me is going extremely well, I am working super hard and have to force myself to stop and enjoy the process.

Reality Check- The most important thing is to celebrate and enjoy everyday to recognise what and when we accomplish something and celebrate at the time. Reward ourselves because we work really hard to accomplish our goals. We are agents of action on a train to awesomeville... I hope you haven't stepped off.


Anonymous said...

you're doing awesome Renee!!!! you should be so proud of yourself.....xoxo -Dani

Bra Queen said...

Awww thank you so much xxx

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